Toronto Pollinator Protection Strategy

bee bannerConserving and properly managing Toronto’s diverse pollinator community is a key component of a sustainable, resilient, and biodiverse city. As pollinators, bees provide an invaluable service to the ecosystem. Without bees, much of the food we eat and the natural landscapes we enjoy would not exist.

The City of Toronto is inviting members of the public to provide feedback on a proposed pollinator protection strategy for Toronto.  The purpose of the strategy is to identify additional actions that can be taken by the City and the community to protect, enhance and create habitat for Toronto’s pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

The vision is for Toronto to be home to healthy pollinator populations that support resilient ecosystems and contribute to a rich urban biodiversity.

The draft document contains:

  • an overview of Toronto’s bees and butterflies;
  • a summary of the guiding principles that helped to shape the strategy; and,
  • a series of proposed actions that will help to protect and sustain healthy pollinator populations in Toronto.

The website also has links to pollinator resources.

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