Chalkfarm Community Garden

Chalkfarm Neighbourhood Centre (located in Chalkfarm Community Centre beside 180 Chalkfarm.) is contributing to the implementation of the resiliency framework in their communityPrograms.

This garden was started in 1990, on Private residential land, with the Chalkfarm Summer Gardening and Environmental Programme. There are two equally sized gardens, with approxiamately 5 plots in each.

There are some large plots as well as other areas available that we would like to be more for communal use.

A few of the plots belong to individuals and these Parts of our garden have been thriving on their own for years. Many of our residents have their own select plots and have done a great job maintaining these individual areas.

It is our dream to make the garden more cohesive and open to all of the members of our community. And to be complete with paths, sitting areas, and a more open concept overall. We hope it will one day be a place for everyone in the community to enjoy and be proud of.

We are very pleased with the wide variety of native and exotic plants species and vegetables that our gardeners grow, and it is a reflection of how very rich in culture we are.

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Map of Gardens

Contact Info:

180 Chalkfarm North York

Directions: Just north of the Sheridan Mall -1700 Wilson Avenue, at Jane St.and Wilson Ave.