Dufferin Grove Recreation-led Community Gardens

The Dufferin Grove Community Gardens were started in 1993. Located in a Beautiful City park, the several native species gardens, flower beds, and the three communal vegetable gardens are maintained and harvested by an open group of volunteers. Their aim with the vegetable gardens is to experiment with a variety of new plants each year, provide fresh produce for the parkĀ“s community food programs, and demonstrate organic gardening to the general public. Coordinated by Recreation staff everyone works together to decide what to plant and how to organize the gardens. Gardeners can pool their knowledge and divide the work in a way that best suits their lives.

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Map of Gardens

Contact Info:

875 Dufferin St
Directions: This Community Garden is just south of the main building. The Dufferin Grove Park is just south of Bloor St. on the east side of Dufferin St.