Growing For Change Community Garden

Located on the Daily Bread Food Bank site, the Growing for Change Community Garden began in 2007 as a joint community initiative between the Daily Bread Food Bank and Women’s Habitat (a local women’s shelter). Lakeshore Area Multiservice Project (L.A.M.P.) joined the following year, and together the three agencies formed a unique community garden model, offering both individual plots to those in the area without access to land, and open spaces for volunteers and other members of the community to garden. The mandate of the garden is linked closely with the mandates of the three agencies involved; to provide members of the South Etobicoke community with a safe space to garden, free access to healthy, nutritious food and an opportunity for personal and community development.

Growing for Change has grown considerably since 2007, both in size and in membership. In 2010, the garden was expanded by 40%, and had approximately 30 participants. Along with a wide variety of vegetables grown, the garden also features a communal strawberry patch and herb garden, several apple trees, and free access to tools, irrigation and a resource library. All gardeners are invited to participate in the Garden Committee which meets monthly to plan events, discuss any problems and find creative solutions.


How to Participate: Each agency has its own criteria for accepting individuals who wish to participate in the garden. Access to the Daily Bread and Women’s Habitat plots is for people who use the services of the respective agencies. The gardeners are volunteers and share in the harvest, some of which is donated to the agencies. The individual plot gardeners are managed by a staff member at L.A.M.P. and are required to sign a seasonal contract prior to accepting their plot. Access to the individual plots is for those who live in the South Etobicoke community and have no access to land. The garden is open during Daily Bread Food Bank hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 4 p.m.). We welcome all guests who would like to come see our garden, but request that arrangements be made beforehand so that we can notify the Daily Bread Food Bank staff of your visit.

Accessibility: Access to the Daily Bread site is wheelchair accessible, but unfortunately the garden does have a small 1′ wall around it. Those with a walker/cane might be able to get into the garden, but it is unfortunately not accessible to those in a wheelchair.

Contact Info for General Inquiries: Nikki McAlister, Garden Co-ordinator

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Contact Info:

Makiko Hatashita

191 New Toronto St.

Directions: The major intersections are Islington Ave. and New Toronto St. in South Etobicoke.