Finding Space to Grow

a. Existing Community Gardens

We try to keep our list of community gardens up to date, but there may be more in your neighbourhood that we don’t have listed. You can directly contact any garden on our site that provides contact info. Keep in mind that each community garden will have its own intake process and some are closed to new members or have waiting lists.

b. Allotment Gardens

The City of Toronto runs a number of allotment gardens where you can rent a plot. It’s often easier to get a plot in gardens further from the city core. You need to register for the allotment garden waitlist on the first working day in February. More information about the process and allotment garden locations is available on the website or you can call (416)392-8188.

c. Starting a New Community Garden

If you want to start a new community garden, take a moment to look through the resources on our Start a CG page. There are many aspects to consider before you begin! Here are two options for finding land.

City of Toronto Parks

The City’s Community Garden Program website provides information on how to start a community garden in a city-owned park in Toronto. There is a high demand for new community gardens and limited staff to respond, so it may take time to get a garden started.

Finding Other Land

A number of very successful gardens have been started on other public or private land. Land around faith organizations, condo towers, public housing and businesses is often under-used. Faith groups and businesses may be particularly interested in reaching out to the community and engaging neighbours. For examples, you can choose the “CG Other Lands” category on our map.

d. Back Yard Sharing

More and more people with yard space are interested in sharing it with gardeners seeking land. You can join a program that provides support to landholders and gardeners such as:

The Stop’s Yes In My Back Yard program

Access Alliance’s Green Access Program

Growing for Green has a city-wide map of potential yard shares. You can post a request for yard space or list a space you’d like to offer. They also have a brief checklist of questions to ask when forming a yard sharing relationship.