Didn’t find what you were looking for on Here are other organizations that provide info and resources:

Toronto Urban Growers – resources, policy and networking for people growing in the city (including producers, backyard gardeners and community gardeners)

Toronto Green Community has tip sheets on a number of gardening topics, including composting, wise water and energy use, sprouting and growing sustainably.

Toronto Master Gardeners are a group of more than 100 trained horticulturists who volunteer their time to provide advice to home gardeners in the Toronto area.
The web site provides month-by-month gardening tips, searchable guides, events and an “Ask the Master Gardener” section where you can post questions and see past question and answers.

The Peterborough Community Garden Network has resources, links and sample documents on community garden organizing and growing methods

Side Plot is a blog about week by week vegetable gardening

Toronto Balconies Bloom has general tips on containers and composting on balconies, local examples for inspiration and annual contests.

Toronto Chickens

DIRT! The Movie brings to life the environmental, economic, social and political impact of soil. View the movie, find resources and a blog.