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Welcome to the TCGN Website



For A Vibrant Green Toronto And A Healthy Garden Movement.

Changing the City one root at a time

A new story from one of Toronto's oldest community gardens:

Gardening gratification with Ben and Sally-Anne

"Gardening gratification comes in two forms: delayed or instant. A recent fall trip to the community garden with my nephew Ben and his support worker Sally-Anne proves the point." - Ian kinross -

- Please join us in reading the very quaint story written by Ian Kinross - from the Thorncliffe Park Community Garden


Delayed gratification: Tulip planting.

There is no bigger leap of faith than digging in tulips for spring. We are talking a six-month return on investment before tulips put on their spring colour show, following daffodils and even earlier birds such as snowdrops and crocuses. That is if the squirrels donít get to the bulbs first as a fall snack. ... Click here for the rest of the story about - Gardening gratification with Ben and Sally-Anne




Accessibility is good for Ontario

- Accessibility

  • ac'ces'si'bil'i'ty [ak-ses-uh-bihleetee] - noun
  • Accessibility simply means giving people of all abilities opportunities to participate fully in every day life.


Coming December 31st, 2014 - will be the first set of requirements to get Ontario fully accessible by 2025.

The TCGN has done its research, and found important information about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. - What does your nonprofit or charitable community garden need to do to be compliant?

This is our first step to help all community gardens to be aware of the important requirements, and make a plan - here are some free tools, and some inspiration to assist your community garden to become more accessible.



Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region

Utah Conservation Corps - Disability Inclusive Crew

Be inspired to make your community garden more than just wheelchair-friendly


For more information on creating a community garden that is accessible please see the tab called "Starting and Supporting Community Gardens"


What is the Toronto Community Garden Network?

The Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN) is made up of interested and energetic individuals and organizations from across the GTA. They are committed to greening and organic gardening practices across the City of Toronto and to make community gardening an integral part of city life.
The community gardens in Toronto are situated on a range of properties, including city parks, rooftops, senior citizens' residences, school properties, churches, community & health centres, and many more places.

Mission Statement:

The Toronto Community Garden Network is working to encourage a healthy Community Gardening movement in the City of Toronto, supporting and linking Community Gardeners.

Our Vision of Diversity

The Toronto Community Garden Network is committed to diversity as a central and fundamental aspect of our work. Diversity is essential to the strength and health of communities. It is also essential to the strength and health of gardens, whether they be community gardens or otherwise.
The TCGN is open and welcoming to people of all beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds. We are a multicultural group of people with the ethnic and lifestyle diversity that reflects the City of Toronto.


To help Community Gardens in the City we have set up our website to include the tools you need:

  • Toronto Gardens: This is a list of some of the community gardens in Toronto. If your garden isn't on the list yet, then feel free to contact us to find out how to be connected.
  • Events, Workshops And Courses: looking for something green to do? then check this folder for what is happening in the city. Here you will also find a calendar of the events with maps of their locations. Having a community garden event or workshop? contact us to get it posted.
  • In the Garden Shed: Tools to help you. Design of a compost bin, Community Garden Hand Book, and links to important gardening information.
  • Job Posting: Looking for a environmentally friendly Job? Community oriented work? Or perhaps you want to employ someone, here is where it's at!

Join our public email discussion list

if you have something to Share, Trade or Donate, or if you really need some garden related item, that you would like posted onto the website please contact mail@tcgn, or you can join the Public Google Discussion Email List for a quick response.

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This website is for general information, and for the networking use of community gardeners in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We encourage both a co-operative approach to gardening, and the practices of organic growing methods.


Thanks to CELOS,, who currently host and tutor for both this website and many individual community gardens' websites, using PmWiki, (see for a list of other community gardens' websites).


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